Education will define the quality of the leaders of tomorrow. Affordable, easily available educational opportunities are a universal priority. Toward that goal, CREAD is committed to creating strong partnerships that use local potential for the development of each country, improving the standard of living and quality of life through educational opportunities, fostering a better understanding of different cultures and identities, and enhancing cooperation between countries through shared action. CREAD was founded in 1990 at the International Council for Distance Education World Conference in Caracas, Venezuela. The seminal idea for a consortium of this type came from the Télé-Université in Canada and the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata in Argentina. It operated with the financial and logistical support of three agencies: the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Organization of American States (OAS), and the InterAmerican Organization for Higher Education (IOHE). From 1990 to 1993, IOHE acted as the administrator and prime mover of the consortium, and CREAD prepared to become a self-supporting, independent organization. In 1994, CREAD became an independent consortium with executive offices at Penn State and in 2003-2011 our executive offices were moved to Nova Southeastern University. Join us to make a difference. CREAD is currently offering membership subscriptions to all institutions and individuals interested in increasing educational opportunities in the Americas through distance education.


The vision of CREAD is to be the premier consortium for distance education for North, Central and South America, and to provide opportunities for improving educational quality, sharing information and finding greater strength through institutional cooperation. The mission of CREAD is to assist in the improvement of distance education in the Americas and to develop projects related to educational uses of technology. CREAD is a non-profit organization offering information services, human resource training, technical cooperation, access to courses and other products.


Through a process of inter-American and inter-institutional collaboration, the improvement of distance education and the diffusion of knowledge about its practice throughout the Americas. To act and play a leadership role as a coordinating mechanism for inter-American distance education and training. To hold inter-American conferences and other conferences, seminars, and professional development sessions in the area of distance education. To Promote applied research and scholarly inquiry in distance education.


During CREAD’s 15 years of operation: There has been a constant flow of information about distance education by means of printed bulletins, web pages and listservs. Conferences have taken place in practically all of the countries of the American continent, as well as in Spain. CREAD has fostered research on distance education and the publication of articles. CREAD has contributed to the creation of national and regional distance education associations.


PROGRAMA DE ROTACIÓN MÉDICA La posibilidad de hacer un observership en la sección de pediatría de la clínica de la Nova

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Add: Armando Villarroel, PhD Executive Director CREAD P. O. Box 4374 Hallandale, FL 33008-4374 USA
Phone: 954-295-4336
Email: villarro@nova.edu
Websites: www.cread.org

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